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Pasta alla Norcina
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Pasta alla Norcina

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Nico!!! Yes, I know, it's a commonplace: the recipe from an Italian is pasta. I've not been so original, but this is a traditional recipe from Perugia. This recipe will help you when you will be in the north, with the cold, the rain, the fog and you can think about your Italian friend in the green, sunny and happy Perugia... (don't be envious!!!). This is a challenge: now you'll try this recipe and then you'll be my guest, I'll cook it (better my wife...) and you can decide which is the better. Best wishes for your new job and for your life and, as we say in Italy: in bocca al lupo!!! Enrico

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  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 sausages
  • 200 ml cream for cooking (not for sweet)
  • 250 g pasta penne (durum wheat)
  • cheese parmigiano reggiano as personal taste
  • salt, olive oil, pepper enough
  • -1/2 dried chilli


  • 1 anti-adherent pan



In a big anti-adherent pan, chop finely the onion and brown it with a little bit of olive oil (better if a good Italian oil. Ask him to Flaminio, he produce it…). Add a coffee cup of water to finish the cooking. Skin and chop the sausages and cook them together with the onion. Add salt and pepper until to have a good tasty (it depends on the sausages and your taste) and the dried chilli. When the cooking is finished, turn off the fire and add the cream for cooking.


In the same time, boil a pot of water and cook, in salt water, the pasta ( follow the time cooking suggest!!!).


Drain the pasta “al dente” and stir-fry in the pan together with the sauce, with high fire, for about 2 minutes.


At the end add parmigiano cheese as you want.


Buon appetito!!!

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